The 8008ies Best Band In Jersey

At Slammin Tunes we are all about new artists especially local artists.  I’m a Jersey Boy so you know I gotta show my love for my local rock bands and The 8008ies are a one of a kind band.  They have a sound I haven’t heard of in awhile and I’m dam glad I found them.  I really love their song All I Want which you can check out below.  Drop a comment and let me know what you think.


Check out their reverbnation site:

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Yeah, these guys fucken rock.

14 thoughts on “The 8008ies Best Band In Jersey”

  1. So rad!!! I love how The 8008ies brings back the good old pop punk sound mixed with their own personal vibe. All I Want is especially super catchy!

  2. They are so kick ass! I love this band. Have been following the lead singers music since he was in middle school! These guys have a true passion for playing music & it is awesome to see pop punk is still alive. Keep rockin’ guys!

  3. I’ve been listening to pop punk for a while and it’s refreshing to see a band as good as the 8008ies keeping it going and making their mark clear in the genre. Their sound is amazing and they don’t play a wrong note. Truly perfect shows that you shouldn’t be missing if you’re in the area and love pop punk.

  4. Where hath this musical ensemble been all of my life! Their name is what initially attracted me, and man was I blown away. Can’t wait to hear more!

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