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Trivia Tuesday – Kyle McGrain @KyIeMcGran

I love history and I love to explore, but sometimes with work and other "adult" responsibilities I rely on YouTube to get my adventure fill.  A YouTube channel that you will absolutely love if you are into history and abandoned places is the channel by Kyle McGrain. It still amazes me that some of these
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Featured Artist Of The Week – SMASH INTO PIECES @smashintopieces

Originality at it's finest is something you rarely see or hear now a days, but this weeks featured artist fits that mold.  Sweden's very own Smash Into Pieces has left a trail of hit song after hit song.  From Higher to their latest Boomerang, this talented crew is not just showing the rock world what
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Monday Motivation – Haka

The Haka is one of the most powerful war dance/challenges to be ever witnessed.  A tradition made famous by the legendary rugby team from New Zealand.  This battle dance is a story passed down from generations.  When faced with whatever challenge is in front of them, they perform this together as a team, showing
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Old School Saturday

It's crazy to think teenagers now-a-days have no idea what it was like to connect to the internet 20 years ago.  From dial up to aim, they really missed out on a lot.  Having to wait 30-40 minutes to see if the song you were downloading off Limewire was a virus or not, to hearing the
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Throwback Thursday – Rammstein @RSprachrohr

I couldn't believe that when I looked up how old this weeks throwback song was, I discovered it was 20 years old.  That is right, Du Hast from the legendary band of Rammstein is almost at the legal age to drink.  This song is just pure EPICNESS (yeah I know it isn't a word).  Just be
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Top 10 Songs That Rock 12-06-17

Another installment of the hottest rock songs from across the globe.  Making their debut on the list is the crew of Skies Collide and we also have a brand new #1 song from the amazing talented just bad ass crew of Written By Wolves.  Tune in every Wed from 6-8 PM EST to listen to the
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Wrestling Wednesday – Impostors @OSWreview

Wrestling story lines over the years have given us some incredibly funny and just plane odd moments.  Sometimes the creative "geniuses" behind the scene come up with some out of this world stuff.  Check out this video from the YouTube channel of OSW Reivew HD for some of the greatest and not so greatest impostors
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Featured Artist Of The Week – Vicky Sjohall @VickySjohall

Fresh, original sounds are something I love to highlight here at Slammin Tunes and this weeks Featured Artist is someone with true talent.  Today we showcase a real artist, Vicky Sjohall.  Her songs are powerful and tap the inner workings of your soul.  They get your body moving and there are not many musicians who
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Trivia Tuesday – Debunked

When myths are passed down from generations sometimes a lie can infect many people.  So much so it basically becomes the truth.  Well the YouTube Channel of Debunked is here to be the referee between the truth and the lies.  Living near the city that never sleeps one of the biggest misconceptions is that if
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