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Throwback Thursday – Starship

30 years ago two great things happen.  I was born and Starship released their generation defining song "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"  Last week we went 20 years back.  This week 30 years back.  Hell I can remember listening to this song as a young kid thinking it was still new.  Now decades later this song reminds me
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Top 10 Songs That Rock 08-16-17

O boy o boy another week and more kick ass rock song for you guys.  This week we have a new comer from Thomas Grennan and still taking on the world in the #1 spot is Nothing More.  Be sure to listen live every Wed from 6-8 PM EST 10. Thomas Grennan – Found What I’ve Been
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Discrepancies Brings The Art Of War @Discrepanciestv

This truly unique band is at it again.  They got a style that is all their own and makes them stand out from all the rest.  When you bring together talented musicians and some of the most lyrically skilled artists on the planet, you get something amazing.  Check out their latest music for the incredibly
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Featured Artist Tuesday – Kobra And The Lotus @KATLofficial

Off their EPIC hit "You Don't Know", Kobra and The Lotus has giving the world something to look up to.  Something to use as motivation, something powerful and that is "Light Me Up".  Their latest hit is everything that you would expect from this Canadian band and more.  The world is a scary place and
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Monday Motivation – A Message To Humanity

One of the most powerful speeches in movie history came from Charlie Chaplin from the movie The Great Dictator.  It's kind of incredible that something that was written in 1940 could still resonate today.  With recent events, I felt that the world needs something to maybe open it's eyes.  Hate is still alive and well and
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Live The Lego Dream With BrickVault @LegoBrickVault

Lego's, who doesn't love them?  Well the only bad aspect of them is if you step on them you feel the devils wrath.  Anyway, Lego YouTube channels are becoming more and more popular and I had to highlight one of my favorites and that is BrickVault.  They make ideas and dreams become a reality all
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What’s More Powerful – Water Vs Bullet

What is more powerful then a bullet?  Someone would say bullet proof glass, others Superman.  What if I told you water is more powerful.  Well the crew at the Waterjet Channel can show you how powerful water really is.  Remember the Grand Canyon was molded by water.
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F*ck Yeah Friday With World Star

It's Friday.  Kick back, relax and enjoy some good old fashion World Star Hip Hop vines.  There is a ton more where this one came from.
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