Let me just start by saying – music is in my blood. I thrive on it. I started spinnin’ records at the age of 7. These were my parents Vinyl collection and they had got them from all over the family so we had, and still do have quite a few. I was doing it like a real DJ, reading the names and all in my room, sometimes I’d coax my parents or others into listening along and being my audience. As an only child I just couldn’t live without being the center of attention.
Whenever I was visiting family I would entertain them as well, I was a pretty prolific song writer back in those days. Usually these were little kiddy riffs similar to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” but almost always compositions all my own.
When I reached adulthood I had accumulated so much digital music that I started considering Jockeying/presenting as a profession. It is something I’m passionate about. I am also passionate about writing and performing music. I in fact have done live performances at various locations. I’d use soundtracks and Karaoke CDs. Another couple of creative endeavors I pursue are acting and writing novels. I’m a big Sci-Fi fan and that is yet another of my passions.
At SlamminTunes I hope to bring my long standing vision of a truly excellent variety of music – and usher in an era of new no-holds-bared creativity and development in the mainstream music industry

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