I am located on the South East coast of the UK, at the place where English history began in the year 1066 with King Harold receiving an arrow in the eye at the famous Battle Of Hastings. My life has been consumed with music. I played lead guitar in a number of local bands throughout a number of years and have wonderful memories of the outstanding people I played with during those times. I now play in a wonderful covers band ‘The Happy Maureens’ with some amazing people. I have presented rock shows on a number of different radio stations including the yearly Hastings Rock FM broadcast.

My love of music is beyond measure, and I always consider myself lucky that I can share my library with others. I play mainly rock and progressive rock music in all its variations from the 1960s until today, although even with my huge collection I am always discovering new and very talented musicians along with their amazing music creativity. There is a lot more I can say about me, but for the moment please enjoy with me my passion for music and the people who make up this beautiful community of rock music in all its forms. I rock…. you rock….. we rock!

Sarah x