As Lions Brings Us The Aftermath and More @aslionsband

As Lions is the band that is truly bringing the rock genre to it’s knees.  Their latest song Aftermath is one that is ground breaking and one that can inspire people.  For me it made me realize that we don’t appreciate certain things in life until they are either lost or destroyed.  It’s sad to say it that destruction can sometimes make us realize how lucky we are sometimes.  You never know when the end will come so make sure you enjoy every moment of everyday, live life to the fullest.  When disaster strikes the human heart can finally kick in and we finally reach out to our fellow man to offer a hand.  In times of need the power of the human spirit is immeasurable, just like the power the As Lions brings.  Check out their latest music video for Aftermath and drop a comment.  You can also show your support for them by donating to one of the bands favorite charities Unicef below the music video.


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