Monday Motivation – The Finest Hours

I’m gonna change things up this week and go with a movie trailer for this weeks Monday Motivation.  The Finest Hours is a movie that will get the heart pumping.  When you think your life is over and you don’t think you can fight anymore think about these men.  They risk their lives and fought for their lives.  They knew they couldn’t give up just like you shouldn’t give up.  If they could fight on so can you.  Don’t give up.  Never quit.  The movie is about a rescue that the coast guard undertook back in the 1950’s that would sure lead to certain death.  But in the face of the most extreme weather mother nature could throw at them, they stared fear in the face and pushed through it.  Imagine a ship literally torn in half and the crew that would have to try and save it and their fellow sailors lives.  When face with the most extreme circumstances, the fight of the human spirit is immeasurable.

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