Monday Motivation – The American Dream

A little over a year ago many peoples lives changed.  A man who they felt was unfit to be their leader, became their leader.  A man who didn’t hold the same values and morals as them went on twitter triads as if acting like a child.  Some people tried to give that person a chance, but it seems as if it has failed.  This was supposed to be leader who help make things “great again”, instead seems to have divided us even more.  People would look up to people who held this position for guidance, for advice and to see how they can achieve the American Dream.  The thing is, this one man doesn’t control the American Dream.  The American Dream isn’t just for those that are from the United States, it’s for every man woman and child on this planet.  It’s an experiment with freedom, with living your life to the absolute fullest.  Sacrifices that have to be made along the way are just chapters in the journey to achieving the American Dream.   Take a few moments and watch this video from Basquiet Picasso.  The American Dream is not dead.  It’s very much alive and well inside all of us, we just need to let the fears of failure to burn up and watch as our dreams shine bright in all of our futures.

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