An evening with Sanguine

At one point in my holiday I received an email with the following text: “This is a confirmation that you will have an f2f interview with Sanguine. More details and info will follow.”
I went very pale and silent. My family asked whats the matter? And I mumbled some words and all they understood was. Im …..interview …
After it sank down I finally could tell them I was going to have my first ever f2f interview.
So what your gonna read is my journal of what happend and how I experienced it all.

I replied to the first mail and the spokesman of the record company gave me the dat and time ( August 15 at 18.15 cet 013(venues name) Tilburg) And with the mail came also the phone number of Nick (guitarist in Sanguine) and the note to phone him!
Eh pardon. I have to call Nick .. was one of the thoughts running through my head. What should I ask him and how.. just a lot of hows in my head.
I gathered all my nerves went to my room which I use as a studio and made the call.SANGUINE Band Shot 4

I introduced me with my real name to Nick and it was a silence on the other end o the line.. Damn i thought wait,. so I said Deuce Slammin Tunes.. A big scream and a laughing sound was the replay and it felt like the ice was broken. We talked for about 10 minutes and agreed on meeting each other in Tilburg at the scheduled time.

This call with Nick was great it settled my nervous and I felt confident to do the interview.
In the upcoming days  I prepared my questions and counted the hours, I was going to do my first f2f interview.. 🙂

Then the Monday came and hours went slow.. I took the train to town at 17.35 and arrived at 18.00 at the venue.. Sigh how to get in was another thought. so I went to the box office and I believe I said something like..; “eh hello I’m supposed to have an interview with Sanguine here?”
Well lucky for me the guy was really nice and replied I will ask .. He came back and said with a grin on his face.. : “The stage manager will come and get you asap. Just wait in the sun.”
So I waited for a few minutes and their came out Nick. With a big smile on his face and well it felt just right. We talked for a bit and I made a remark bout my wife and he said;”Call her I wil put her on the guestlist too” As said he made me feel at ease and it felt like we knew each other for a longer time then just a 10 minute phonecall and this brief meeting.
Well he had to go back in and do some things for the band. And we agreed on doing the interview before the show.. I waited and waited. In that waiting period more people showed up for the show of Sanguine and Fear Factory. At that point I realized,its a strange thing concerts. As most fans show up. Wait in front of the venue. Look at all the other fans and behave as strangers. And then one hour later during the show they all act as one big family. Enjoying the music they like as one!

My wife arrived and I went to get our backstage passes( omg backstage really) It was getting later and later and as the show was set to start at 20.00 I received an text message : Can we do the interview after the set?” Well of course we can.(Little did I know the chaos it would be with them later 🙂 )

We then entered the venue and I have to admit I felt like a little kid.. We showed our bracelets to a  guy and he told us go through this door and then left right right left. Or something like that. We went thought that door, already forgetting what he said. Kinda lost we did find our way backstage and there was this lady coming up the stairs. ( Tarin) and then came Nick. I have to admit these 2 people really stole our hearts and made us both feel so welcome.. We talked for a bit as it was really almost time for them to perform. We wished them fun and went to the concert hall.

I don’t remember the  complete set list and forgot to write the songs  down( but if I am correct they did play Breaking Out, Save Me, Social Decay Black Sheep and two new songs)  As I also forgot to make pictures:S  I cant add them here but after the interview Nick made a selfie of the four of us.. So all I can tell is the set they did was 30 minutes and for what I saw in those 30 minutes they made some new fans in Tilburg. At the beginning of the set people were just standing and then at one point they were all banging moshing and jumping on the music. Tarin made contact with the room and made it feel personal. Nick was jumping and screaming(especially the way he screamed Tilburg was amazing) like the madman he is and Ross was pounding his bass. To bad Matt was tucked away in the corner of the stage. But for what I saw these four people had the time of their life. At one point they did an amazing cover of Jump and made a lot of people Jump .. Tarin’s voice is live so much better then on the albums. You now can see and hear the volume she has and the control. At one point there was a grunting sound and my wife was looking at Nick.. no not him..making that noise.. And it wasn’t Ross.. then she saw Tarin head down and realized it was her. The four of them create an energy on stage which flows into the audiance. Sanguine is a band you have to feel live. And just let their energy hit you!
The 30 minute set they did was a great introduction to a new public. And I hope to see them perform soon again.

The set was over and we went back stage again for the interview. We saw them clear the stage and load the van( the other side of being in a band) and we just had to tell them how they performed and how great of a set it was.

Then it was time for the interview with Nick and Tarin. Ive recorded it all And still don’t know if I should edit this or just put it on air as it is. We had so much fun doing it and talking to them. So as soon as the interview will be aired on Slammin Tunes I will let u all know. In the meantime check this amazing band on :
Sanguine Website
Sanguine on Facebook
Sanguine on Instagram
Sanguine on Twitter

Rest me to say..
Sanguine Thank U for an amazing evening !

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