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Live The Lego Dream With BrickVault @LegoBrickVault

Lego's, who doesn't love them?  Well the only bad aspect of them is if you step on them you feel the devils wrath.  Anyway, Lego YouTube channels are becoming more and more popular and I had to highlight one of my favorites and that is BrickVault.  They make ideas and dreams become a reality all
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The Brick Show

To all you Lego lovers out there, I got a special treat for you.  Many of us have dreamed of creating massive sculptures, immense city's with Lego bricks.  From Lego sets we forgot existed, to ones we hope one day become a reality the YouTube channel of The Brick Show has your fix for all
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Top 10 Weekend @TitanTopList

This weekend I figured I'd highlight two really cool YouTube channels to check out.  Everyone loves a good Top 10 list.  Well my love for Lego's and unreal creations comes together in the Top 10 Craziest Lego Creations.  From the YouTube channel of Titan Top List, be sure to check out other videos from this channel. https://
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