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The Instrumental Heroes, Mozart Heroes @mozartheroes

From Switzerland there comes a new group of heroes.  Ones whose weapons are incredibly powerful, so much so they can bring the strongest of men to their knees.  That power they wield through their many swords/strings on their instruments.  Of course I'm talking about Mozart Heroes.  The up and coming group that is taking
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You Will “Free Fall” In Love with Barbie Sailers @BarbieSailers

At Slammin Tunes, we give you the absolute best rock bands from across the globe.  Every corner of this majestic planet, from Japan to Australia to now Switzerland, the rock genre is loud and proud.  Barbie Sailers is a revolutionary band that you just have to check out.  Their hit song Free Fall is an
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Dreamshade’s “It’s Over” Is Only The Start @Dreamshade

Switzerland has brought us perfection with the Swiss watch, chocolate and now Dreamshade has brought perfection with It's Over.  Off their new album Vibrant, It's Over is just the tip of the iceberg to what kind of talent these guys have.  Whether it's a relationship, a friendship or just moving on this song is relate-able
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