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Top 50 Songs That Rock For 2017

Last year I did the top 30 and this year I decided to go bigger.  Here are the top 50 Songs That ROCKED at Slammin Tunes. 50. Escape The Fate - Empire 49. Dumb Hole - Somebody 48. Danny Gokey - RISE 47. All That Remains - The Thunder Rolls 46. SEPTEMBER MOURNING - 'Til You See Heaven 45. Prides - Away With
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Thirty Seconds To Mars Brings Us The “Hurricane” @30SECONDSTOMARS

We all knew it was only a matter of time before we got something new from the masterminds of Thirty Seconds To Mars.  They did not disappoint with their latest hit "Hurricane".  A music video that is nothing but incredible, these guys just will not give up.  Check it out and enjoy the show. https://
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