Breaking Barriers – Muslim Raised Actor Plays Jesus

Haaz Sleiman is man who is breaking barriers.  I saw an article on The Wrap by Tony Maglio about this gentleman.  National Geographic Channel is going to be airing a movie called “Killing Jesus” based on the book written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard.  I just want to make it clear I DON’T agree with many of Bill’s POV’s, but I needed to share this.  Haaz plays Jesus in the movie and after reading about him, I’m definitely going to be checking this out. He was raised Muslim and considers it an honor to play Jesus and follows many of his teachings.  Many people don’t know this but in Islam, Jesus is considered a prophet.  We need more people like Haaz.  He is acting and preaching the teachings that he has learned through his life.  In times like now, we need to show people that it doesn’t matter on what you believe in, we need to believe in each other.  We are one race and that is the HUMAN race.  We need to stop fighting, and need to start educating ourselves on our faith.  Having faith in yourself and others.  Peace can be achieved, remember nothing is impossible.

Here is the original article from The Wrap.

Muslim-Raised Actor Haaz Sleiman on Jesus Role: ‘Me Playing This Part Highlights His Teaching’


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