Its beein said that when a man and a woman marry, the woman expects her husband to change, but he never does. And the man expect his wife to stay the same, but she never does.
Isn’t change progress? Would we be stuck in the same place, doing the same things if we never changed?  Everything around you affects you, one way or another. Is it possible at a certain age we stop changing? I belive we all change, different ways, different pace but we change.

We just need to remember what we can and can not change. We can try to change others, but unless they are willing to do so, it is a rough road. It is ourself that is the hardest one to change, isn’t it?. Have you tried to quit smoking, loose weight, get rid of bad habbits? Then you know it’s not a stroll down the street. It takes hard work and determination. You have a goal and you work to reach it.

I’ve seen and heard about people that have done amazing things to change the world or a government or stood up for human rights. What makes them different then the rest of us? Are they stronger? More determind? I dont think so, small things can make a difference as well. Thats my place, to do the little things, the things noone barely notice. You know what they say about the rings in the water, they spread out, wider and wider, and sometimes we don’t get to see where it ends. So no matter what you do , or who you are, you can make a difference.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
? Winston S. Churchill

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