So you came here to learn a little bit about me? I started DJing on internet radio in 2003, yeah its been so long that I almost needed to break out the calculator to figure out how long I’ve been around doing this.
I started with a small station and helped them grow to a station with nearly 70 DJs and 2 servers that were busy around the clock. I left that station to pursue other directions in life.
The many lessons learned at that station helped create SlamminTunes and will continue to guide me through the many adventures we are sure to have here.

My favorite bands and artists?

AC/DC, Linkin Park, The Fishermen, Halestorm, Puddle of Mudd, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana
I could probably keep going but I guess that more than enough for now

What do I like best about DJing?
The MUSIC and the PEOPLE! Are there any other reasons to do it? I don’t think there is.