What is up all you rockers out there. DJ Steve has been rocking the airways of Slammin Tunes for over two years now and lovin every minute of it. Out of the state that has brought us some of the greatest rockers of all times such as Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, he slams the best rock tunes from across the globe. He grew up rocking out to bands like Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed so you know you are always in for a treat during his shows. Make sure to check out his show every Wed night from 6-8 PM EST where he also showcases the Top 10 Songs That Rock every week. Be sure to also check out the Slammin Tunes blog where you can get pumped up every Monday with his Monday Motivational blog as well as getting to see the latest music videos from your favorite rock artists.

Later Days
DJ Steve

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