Hello to all Slammin Tunes Listeners!!! My background in music is extensive. It started younger when my Mom had me listening to Classical and Easy Listening. Then, thanks to my Dad, it was Country and Western. Then came rock and roll and I have never looked back.
I played Alto and Tenor Saxophone through Junior High (Middle School) and High School. I currently play the Bass Guitar, thanks to Rock band and Guitar Hero. Yes, I am definitely a gamer. I have an Xbox One and have fun playing mostly racing games. I am also into Rock band and RockSmith.
I totally love life and people. I wasn’t always that way as I was a shy person most of my life. That all changed because of two things. I am a 20 year retired Navy veteran, serving during the tail part of Vietnam Conflict and during Desert Storm. Because of Desert Storm, I have severe depression, but, thanks to the Veteran’s Administration, it is under control. I also used to be a drug addict and have been off of my drug of choice for over 9 years.
As a result of those two things, my personality changed. I am more outgoing and sociable. I totally love people and life.
It was thanks to my love of music and my brother, who encouraged me a great deal, that I decided to become a DJ back in late 2012. And, the rest, they say is history. Rock On!!! 🙂