Through Fire Is Lighting Up The Airways @TFIREMUSIC

If your looking for a new band to “PUMP YOU UP” (in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice) then Through Fire is the band you need in your life.  They have been featured on The Top 10 Songs That Rock here at Slammin Tunes and are blowing up the charts everywhere else.  Their feature song Stronger off their debut album Breathe is the song you need to listen to when you feel like life’s got you down.  When you feel like the world is just throwing so much shit into your life, you just gotta believe in yourself and stand the fuck up and take life by the balls.  Tell all the nay sayers  that you aren’t gonna take no for an answer.  Don’t let nothing stop you from being the strongest you can be.  This song is absolutely perfect for a gym playlist.  And of course if you get a chance catch Through Fire which are on tour right now.  This is one of the best bands of 2016 and you want to keep an eye on them.

Check out their music video for Stronger and drop a comment.

Make sure to purchase your copy of Breathe from iTunes or the Amazon Music Store

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