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Sometimes it’s hard to  think of a subject to write about. Let’s see what happened last month  over here and in the world of  rock. It’s almost impossible to write down news  which will inform you bout all the bands out there. It’s a big world with a lot of  great bands. And yes I know that world also contains a  lot of  bad bands. But we need bad bands to see how good others are.

A big festival over here is Pinkpop. A three day Festival with each has year a better program. This year one of the  highlights was the singer of the band John Coffey which amazing beer catching stunt went viral all over the world. For those who missed it..

Then we  we had Graspop in Belgium with bands as Kiss, Within Temptation, Harlot and many more. But one band one band I have to highlight. Think at this moment its my personal choice of band of the month, The Dead Daisies.

You want to know why then just listen to this amazing song of them. Which they recorded back in 2013 with Slash.

For more info I have to direct you to their website. www. http://www.thedeaddaisies.com/

Releases or new founds I made this month:

  • Art of Anarchy – Art of Anarchy
  • Hollow Haze – Memories Of An Ancient Time
  • Dennis Churchill Dries – I
  • High On fire – Luminiferous
  • The Butcher Babies – Monster Ball(single)
  • Disturbed – The Vengeful Ones(single)
  • Five Finger Death Punch – Jekkyl and Hyde

Ow  on Facebook I came across this question from Todd La Torre:

“Is it me, or is this extreme low tuning, constant screaming/non-singing “metal” getting rather boring and stale? I love good guttural vocals and brutal screams, but when did real singing or even trying to sing in metal become the minority? What do you think?”

So what would be your answer on that?


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