Kama Sutra

Don’t get all jumpy just at the mention of kama sutra. Let’s all be adults here. F*** it I can’t. WOOOO SEX!!11oneone. Right… So Buzzfeed posted a video titled “Indian Couples Try Positions From The Kama Sutra”. What it doesn’t say is that they are fully clothed. Which means it will probably be hilarious. Let’s watch



See you shouldn’t cringe whenever you see something related to sex. And the guy at the end is quite right about not making sex a taboo topic for conversations. Its something natural and normal. Except some things you can see in the deeper parts of the internet. The things some people are into… No! No! Its perfectly acceptable as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or infringe on someone rights. Wow I got sidetracked on that one… My bad

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