Luke Cage Meets Family Matters @LukeCage

If you are fan as I am of the new Marvel series on Netflix, Luke Cage, and you grew up watching TGIF on ABC every Friday night during the 90’s then you are going to love this.  The Zach Ace YouTube Channel who has brought us the hit the was Avengers and Full House and now they have just out done themselves.  I legit thought I was back at home with my parents, ya I’m a millennial with my own place screw you stereotypes, eating a TV dinner, cause that’s what we had on Fridays for dinner and enjoying a new episode of Family Matters.  Well this is a whole other take on the series.  I just wonder if Luke Cage got in a fight with Steve Urkel, who would win.  Because you know for damn sure Urkel would have some high tech shit like Iron Man.

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