Midweek boost

So its nearing the end of the week but you might be running out of steam already. Fear not reader of this musical blog (that posts more stuff that’s not music related than… music… that’s kinda my fault… shh don’t tell the boss). Getting sidetracked. This video I have for you needs no explanation. Just watch it, feel the joy, feel the love and get recharged. Also I have a question but that will come after the jump.



So the question – did your hearts melt when he asked “is this purple” or was that just me? I mean this is amazing. And the pure, distilled and concentrated joy of something that 99{43bbf0c0dfd186f2e4a1535ec8ec993b0839b913588ccf773f39f505c31eaa0e} of people take for granted is making me smile even though I watched the video 10 minutes ago. We need more of this positive energy. Share this with your friends and share the joy.


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