Monday Motivation

What is one of the scariest words to hear?  No it’s not “I’m pregnant”, its “Change”.  Why does such a simple word, inflict such powerful emotions in it?  Why is it so scary to even think about adding some change into your life?  I’ll you why, it’s because we get comfortable.  We get stuck in these boring story lines in life where we don’t want anything to change.  Well I sure as hell don’t want to live life like that, do you?  I’m gonna keep it short this week, since this weeks video is a bit long, but incredibly powerful.  I assure change is not something to fear, it’s something to use to make you stronger and to get you closer to living your dream.  Now, go out and change the world.

This weeks video is from the YouTube channel of Basquiat Picasso, be sure to subscribe.

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