Monday Motivation – Amaranthe Had Returned With “That Song” @Amaranthemetal

For this weeks Monday Motivation I wanted to try something different.  I want to highlight a band whose music gets the blood flowing.  Amaranthe has been around for years and whenever they drop a new song, the rock world comes alive.  That Song is by far one of the greatest rock songs to be released in decades.  This is a song that you will be hearing blasted through stadium speakers as your favorite sports team takes the field.  There is something about it that makes you want to get up and just fight for what is right.  These guys were dream chasers and are now living their dream.  Don’t ever give up on a goal that you feel is worth fighting for.  I even got a feeling that this song will one day be used for a WWE PPV theme, just saying.  Enjoy this kick ass video from one of the top rock bands in the world.

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