Monday Motivation – Face Reality

What is something that you face everyday and probably have no idea that you are afraid of…Reality.  Almost everyone in their life has be afraid of reality, afraid of something that when they woke up, realized they had to face but didn’t want to.  Whether it was a person or work or a challenge that scared the shit out of you, we all hate reality.  But without reality where would we be, what would we be?  The reality you live in, I bet you didn’t realize this, but you control it.  So many people tell me that they don’t have good luck or have had bad circumstances happen to them, I call bullshit on that.  There is no such thing as luck.  You make your own luck.  If you don’t go out their and face your reality then your “luck” is gonna be bad.  Face your fear, face the reality that you control.  Now go out their and be that amazing person you know you are.

This weeks video is from RSD Motivation.

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