Monday Motivation – The Lion Whisperer @lionwhispererSA

Growing up, some of us dream about being an astronaut or a doctor and some people dream about helping out their favorite animals.  Whether it be by becoming a veterinarian or working in a zoo, animal lovers have the world to take care of.  But there are few who dare enter the cages of some of these beasts that roam this beautiful planet.  Ones that dare to live the dream of being part of the herd.  One of those dream chasers is Kevin Richardson better known as The Lion Whisperer.  His stunning videos of him roaming alongside some of the most beautiful creatures to roam the planes are truly awe inspiring.  He brings awareness to these animals that many people don’t understand.  Fear doesn’t seem to exist with Kevin.  He is someone who can inspire you to chase your dream no matter what the circumstances.  Check out his videos and subscribe to his channel.  You will not be disappointed.

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