Monday Motivation – Progression

Recently I just took a vacation to Disney World.  One of my favorite rides is actually one of their oldest rides, The Carousel of Progress.  During the ride, you travel trough time from the end of the 19th century to today and it shows the progress of humanity, highlighting our greatest innovations.  Yea some of you may be bored with history, but when you take a closer look at it you can see something amazing.  You see how far we have come.  There are few names that stick out such as Ford, the Wright Brothers and Tesla (screw you Edison).  These men were true innovators and without them working on their crafts we wouldn’t have such things as the automobile, the plane and WiFi.  In order for progress to continue we need dream chasers.  We need people who are afraid to think and step outside the box.  That may mean standing alone or being ridiculed, but in time your legacy will remain.  Go out there and leave your history, your mark your Carousel of Progress.

This weeks video is brought to you by RSD Motivation.

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