Monday Motivation – Space X @elonmusk

Last year is now in the records books and instead of harping on all the bad crap that happened, it’s time we move forward.  Time for us to move towards a brighter future.  A future the cements our generation as one of the greatest.  Not by seeing who has the strongest military or which political side is right, but by how far we can push the boundaries of our dreams.  One dream that was achieved last year was that of Elon Musk.  His company Space X was able to launch and land a rocket back on land.  This allows us to build reusable rockets, cutting cost of launches by millions of dollars.  And with these rockets we will not just be launching food and fuel to the space station, but we can travel back to the moon and to even Mars.  Remember how proud we were back in the late 60’s when we sent the bravest men into orbit and then to walk on the moon.  Imagine how close this country will be if we can be the first ones to land on a man or woman on Mars.  We can achieve the unthinkable.  No obstacle is too big for us to hold us back.   We can either just keep bitching and moaning about problems that yet to exist or put our focus on the greater good of the human race.  Check out this amazing video from National Geographic showing that imagination and heart can change the world.  Elon Musk, the dreamer and achiever we need.

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