Motivation Monday – Alive

What does that mean, to be alive, to be living life.  Look at yourself right now and look back at what you have done with your life.  Are you happy with what you have accomplished.  Have you chased your dream, are you working at the job you always dreamed of.  I can guarantee the answer is no.  You’ll probably say, well I’m happy with what I’ve got, but don’t you want more.  Fuck the money aspect, cause money won’t make you happy, yea it can but the shit you want but true happiness is something you accomplish that you didn’t think you could do.  When that moment happens the feeling is priceless, no money could change it.  You need to start living life and that means putting in some great sacrifices.  You gotta cut out the bullshit, cut out the friends that are holding you back.  Life your life with no fear.  Fear is something that you can’t hold therefore it doesn’t exist.  Put in the work and yea its not gonna happen overnight.  It might take a few weeks, months or even years depending on your dream.  Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself.  Don’t be afraid to be alive.   This weeks video is brought to you by CJ – Chan, don’t forget to subscribe to their channel.

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