Motivation Monday Never Give Up

People to much now a days say that the give up, they give up on a goal or dream.  Why is that?  You wanna know the answer.  Its because they want to take the easy way out.  People want everything handed to them and are to afraid to make the sacrifices to get where they want to be.  When you have those moments where you feel like the world around you is against you, it isn’t.  It’s just part of your journey, the experience of learning that you have the power in you to continue to fight on.  People make excuses for the reasons they aren’t where they want to be.  Fuck excuses.  The people who blame others for them not being able to go after their goal are just not happy with themselves.  When you take responsibility and grab life by the horns and not give up, no matter what trial or tribulations will occur, that will make you the man or woman you were meant to be.  The people who take the easy way out live a life of hardships, the ones who face their fears and face those hardships head on truly get to live life.  Check out this weeks video from Face The Reality called Never Give up.

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