Motivation Monday – Resilency

The fear of the unknown can be overpowering sometimes.  When you think that you can’t push through and just feel like giving in, that’s when you need to fight back.  Show the world you got what it takes to me it through the pain.  Life is not simple, there are plenty of trials and tribulations that you have to go through in life, but in reality they help you through life.  Look back at what you have been through, see you have been through uncomfortable struggles and you made it.  You can make it through whatever it is that you are going through now.  You got this.  Fear doesn’t exists, its the feeling of failure that tries to attack us and overcome us but we are stronger than that.  We have accomplished unimaginable things in this world.  Be strong, be you, be resilient.   This is the latest motivational video from Mateusz M titled Resiliency.

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