The Piano Guys and Indiana Jones @PianoGuys

The Piano Guys never cease to amaze us with their beautiful renditions of classic songs.  Indiana Jones was my hero growing up and still is.  Hell I even have my very own Indiana Jones fedora, and maybe I still even put it on and pretend I’m him, that’s a maybe.  Anyway back to the Piano Guys, who have embarked on and epic journey around the world to visit the seven wonders of the world and to use them an inspiration into their works.  Well in The Last Crusade, Indy visits the location of the where the Holy Grail is said to be.  The real location is actually Petra Jordan.  A gorgeous piece of history that is a must see location to visit at least once in your life.  This astounding music video gave me goosebumps as I’m sure it will do to you.  If your feeling down on the Monday, take the next few moments and close your eyes and imagine riding into the sunset as Indy himself or one of the many adventures he had been on.  Enjoy.

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