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Saturday Slugfest – Jimmy Carr

Yep, for this weeks slugfest choice I decided to go with Jimmy Carr.  This comedian is dark and hilarious. He won't leave you in stitches, he will leave you on the floor like a little bitch.  He is by far one of the best in the world right now and he is possibly the greatest
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Bo Burnham Make Happy @boburnham

By far one of  the most successful young comedians in the world right now is Bo Burnham.  This multi talented genius is a must see.  From his musical skills to his way with words he is destined to be one of the greats.  I can honestly say I would compare him to George Carlin.  Not
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F*ck Yeah Friday @EliotChang

When at a comedy club there will almost always be some drunk smart ass who thinks he or she is funnier then the comedian performing.  Well I think all hecklers out there have met their match with Eliot Chang.  This pure genius doesn't just destroy hecklers but breaks them down to a molecular levels, and
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