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Wrestling Wednesday – The Rock’s Bloopers

We all can't wait for 2020 when The Rock and Tom Hanks win the presidential election but I'd figured why the hell not make this weeks wrestling blog show you just why we need The Rock in the White House.  He isn't just a beast in real life, a bad ass on the silver screen but
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Wrestling Wednesday – Promos

A term used a lot through out wrestling yet a lot of people don't understand is promos.  Promos are used all the time, hell I feel like they make up about half of Monday Night Raw (sorry WWE it's the truth).  Promos are basically an opportunity for a superstar to call out a fellow wrestler
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The Rock Is Unstoppable @TheRock

Did you know that The Rock has a YouTube?  It's everything you'd think it'd be and more.  Check it out for yourself.  Also be sure to subscribe ya Jabronie.
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