Monday Motivation – TobyMac, The Artist We Need @officialtobymac

TobyMac is by far one of the most influential Christian artists in the world.  This brilliant man is a truth teller, a soul speaker and a good man.  I’ve been listening to his music for many years now and whenever I’m down he is right there to pick me back up.  Every time he comes out with something new, his brings his game to a whole other level.  He has always been able to stay relevant in an ever changing world.  Right now it’s a difficult time in the world where people are living in fear and living unsure of what will happen tomorrow.  But the one thing we can not give up on is HOPE.  TobyMac gives us that hope with his inspirational songs.  It doesn’t matter who you believe in, what color your skin is or what gender you are, we can all come together as one race, the human race and fight adversity together.  Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe is right.  Together as one.  What inspired me to wright this was his latest song Til The Day I Die.  Check out the live music video below and be sure to share it with others.

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