Top 10 Songs That Rock

Welcome back to another installment of the future of how Top 10 lists roll.  This week we have brand newcomers Dumb Hole and Starset making their debuts on the list as well as a first.  The first song to stay in the top spot for 3 Week, Never Say Die with Automatic.  Be sure to tune in live 6-8 PM EST to Slammin Tunes to hear the list live.

10. Dumb Hole – Somebody

9. As Lions – Aftermath

8. Starset – Monster

7. Train – Play That Song

6. Devour The Day – The Bottom

5. Light Up The Sky – Stop Me

4. Volbeat – Seal The Deal

3. Smash Into Pieces – Higher

2. One OK Rock – Taking Off

1. Never Say Die

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