Top 10 Songs That Rock

Rock is back baby.  This weeks Top 10 Songs That Rock is epic.  We have two brand new songs on the list from Smash Into Pieces and Discrepancies.  This list is always evolving.  Bringing you the best new rock music from the top artists from across the globe.  From Europe to Asia we have it all here for you at Slammin Tunes.  Listen to the list live every Wed from 6-8 PM EST.

10. Discrepancies – Prevail Wake Up

9. Smash Into Pieces – YOLO

8. Starset – Monster

7. Another Lost Year – We All Die Alone

6. Dayshell – Low Light

5. Merge – The Password

4. Dumb Hole – Somebody

3. No Resolve – Pusher

2. Lower Than Atlantis – Had Enough

1. Never Say Die – Like A Nightmare

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