Top 10 Songs That Rock

Welcome back to another installment of the Top 10 Songs That Rock here at Slammin Tunes.  For the second week in a row Never Say Die has held onto the top spot.  A brand new comer pops up on the list with Danny Gokey and his inspiring song to Rise.  Be sure to listen live every Wed from 6-8 PM EST.

10. Deaf Havana – Fever

9. Danny Gokey – Rise

8. Run Defintely Run! – Hero

7. Dayshell – Low Light

6. Smash Into Pieces – YOLO

5. Dumb Hole – Somebody

4. Merge – The Password

3. Lower Than Atlantis – Had Enough

2. No Resolve – Pusher

1. Never Say Die – Like A Nightmare

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