WWE And Comics Equals Epicness #wwe #comics

If you are a die hard WWE fan like myself you gotta say these past few years the WWE has stepped up their game.  With amazing new talent coming through the ranks of NXT and some actual decent story lines I’ve begun to hear people talk about it around the water cooler.  Over the years the WWE has had its ups and downs but recent its been nothing but highs.  Yea Summer Slam ended the way not so many people expected but still all around an entertaining show.  Now there is news that the WWE is taking a leap of faith back into the comic book world.  With great successes that DC and Marvel has been able to display recently the WWE is willing to re-look at the ever expanding universe that is COMICS.  The WWE is going to be working with BOOM Studios and I gotta say excited to see the story they are going to be writing.  A comic about how The Shield fell apart.  With the amazing success of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and yes even Roman Reigns their is so much they could expand on with them.  The WWE universe is always expanding and this dip back into the comic realm is definitely a step in the right direction.  With the creative minds at Boom Studios we are absolutely in store for something amazing.  Hey maybe we might have more matches like they did last year with bringing in the star power of Stephen Amell as the arrow.  Imagine Ben Affleck getting Tombstoned by The Undertaker…I’m just saying.

Picture from Boom Studios.

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