Featured Artist Tuesday – Seraphim Of Nazareth @SeraphimOfNazar

Not many people out in this crazy world of ours challenge themselves enough.  There are those that live comfortable lives and there are the few that dare to take those leaps of faith. They’re the ones who are written about for future generations to admire.  They challenge the norms and break down barriers all powered by determination.  One of those few laying down a legendary path is Seraphim Of Nazareth.  The Empress of Rock has returned to the world of music with a revolutionary song “You Never Loved Me”.  This latest hit does something most songs don’t do. It gets the blood flowing, the mind pondering, the heart pounding.  It awakens the soul from the slumber it has been trapped in.  Seraphim Of Nazareth is a one of a kind artist.  That’s right an artist.  She is a writer, director, horror queen the “I AM” artist and this week she is the Featured Artist at Slammin Tunes.  She has an energy that is enticing and can bring the strongest men on Earth to their knees.  There is something that comes to my mind when thinking about Seraphim Of Nazareth and that is the Kansas City Shuffle where everyone looks right and you go left.  Seraphim Of Nazareth is the puppet master of all those looking right and going left.  She is the one in control and we are just pawns in her game.  You want a peek into the power that is Seraphim Of Nazareth, then check out “You Never Loved Me” below.  Be sure to show her some love and subscribe to her YouTube channel.  O yea and be sure to crank it up.

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