Improvisation at the train station in Paris

Music. It has unseen beauty and power. So when you see a guy like this playing randomly a random piano at a train station you have to just sit back and enjoy it. Cool thing is when a second guy joins the first one and they make a random duo on the random piano. Its just simply put (i know I’m repeating my self) beautiful.

Also… yeah they are both really good at playing the piano… Enjoy 😀




A comment under the YouTube video that is interesting (if you can trust comments on YouTube)


Idriss Morsli1
The first guy is @Gerard Pla Daró from Spain and the second is Nassim Zaouche on piano from Algeria, the first play Una Mattina the original band of the french movie Intouchables and the second play For The Love Of A Princess from the movie Braveheart

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