Forever Still needs your help

Think by now most of you know how I feel when it concerns the Danish band Forever Still.Maja Schønning Mikkel Haastrup Dennis Post have posted on several sites they have finally  made their full Album. After releasing 3 Ep so far.. They are ready to take over the world.

The voice of Maja is for me a mix  of Maria Brink, Amy Lee, Ashley Costello and of course herself.. Which makes it a wonderful mix full of emotions.She can  hit the high notes as easily as the low ones. Screams and Grunts and then swaps you of you feet when she sings with a lot of emotions in her voice. Sometimes its even a small voice in a wall of sound and even then  it  keeps impressive.

Together with Mikkel and Dennis they now  finally are gonna release their Full album, and they give us the fans( yes im a fan too) the opportunity to choose which song from the upcoming  album we want as a video.




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