@BlindSideT New Album 100 Proof Coming Soon

I sat down with John E Wilde with Blind Side Thunder a couple months ago for a interview on SlamminTunes.  We talked about all sorts of things regarding their taste of music and where their inspiration comes from when writing music.  I loved their music so much I decided to join their group “Legion Of Thunder”, where they give me updates on new things within the band.  Recently their promoter/manager Ronny Hoaxie contacted me with information regarding their new album entitled “100 Proof”.  They also sent me the whole album for rotation on SlamminTunes.  Believe me I checked out the whole album and it is one of the best rock albums I have heard in a long time.  I have always been a big fan of Rebel Rock / Heavy Metal / Rock & Roll.  This album takes top 10 for the best albums I have listened to.  If you haven’t checked out any of their music you can always log on their website www.blindsidethunder.com or check them out on YouTube, just search for Blind Side Thunder.  The album is set for release on February 16, 2015 and will be available on most digital distribution outlets.  Take it from me, you must check this band out.  I am a big fan of their music, and a true loyal viewer of all their videos on YouTube.  I hope to work with them again very soon, and even check out some of their live shows.  They are scheduled for a upcoming tour, so make sure you check out their website www.blindsidethunder.com for all locations & times.  They may be headed to your city, state, or town.  Blindside Thunder it’s time to “Crank It Up”.

Check Out Their Recent Music Video Here On SlamminTunes.Com And Don’t Forget To Subscribe.

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