Coalition Fight Music – #FeaturedArtistTuesdays @statecyde

So I’m thinking of starting a weekly thing where on Tuesdays I feature a new band that you might not have heard about. We’re gonna call it Featured Artist Tuesdays – a day filled with some FAT beats! Get it? Yeah Sam didn’t quite like it either… Enough jokes! On to music!

Today we feature the band Coalition Fight Music! They play a wide range of styles like Rap, EDM, Dance, Rock or Electro House. Have a listen and let the music talk for them as I can’t do them justice with my limited vocabulary. This is rock remix of their song Reach Out.



You can find more of their music on these sites:

CFM Official Website



And you can follow them on Twitter to find out when they release a new hit:

Tony Savo – Founding Member of CFM

Coalition Fight Music

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