Different music genres

Todays post is more of a conversation thing than anything else. Why the hell do we need so many sub sub sub genres within a genre.




My question is – do we really need so many different sub genres of a genre? Why not just call it METAL in this instance. What I’ve noticed is people love to be included in a group. So when the “metal” group became way too popular we had to make a sub genre so we could fit in a new exclusive group. Which then became too popular it self and had to be replaced by another new sub genre. And that continues non stop. And since we are humans we have to hate on people who dont belong to our “exclusive” group. Well thats my rant for the day.

What do you folks think about this? Write us in the comments bellow. We would love to see what peoples stance on this is.



Pic credits go to a 9gag user I cant remember the name of. Movie is Forest Gump.

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