Drone Races, Yea They Are Coming

It was only a matter of time before drone racing became a sport.  I wouldn’t call them athletes but hey they are still talented individuals who are very skillful with their hands (pun intended).  After seeing all the new projects that are coming up involving drones I’m super excited to see how things play out.  From drone racing to drone shows with music, to even Disney getting into the mix with adding them into their shows at Disney World.  Well how far we can go with them really depends on our imagination.  Imagine seeing fireworks blowing up with some kick ass music playing in the background, sounds really cool to me.  In my lifetime drone deliveries were something I would see on the show The Jetsons growing up, never thought I’d see that day where its actually real.  The future is here and now, don’t get left behind.  Check out this sick video of the future of drone racing.

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