Earth 2, Scientist Say We May Have A Twin

Scientists are going ape shit over the discover of a planet named Proxima B which is a orbiting the closest star that is to our Sun. After working and studying this planet for almost two decades scientists are comfortable enough to say that this planet may even have water which of course is a building block of life.  I have always been a supporter of us traveling to the stars and to push ourselves to the outer limits.  Sadly NASA has had huge cut backs (ya know beacause Matt Damon keeps getting stuck on planets) but thankfully the private sector has stepped up to the plate and begun their own explorations of the stars.  Space X is by far one of the greatest companies to have been developed since, I don’t know Angel Soft toilet paper, and to see how nothing stands in their way, maybe just maybe one day man or woman will step foot on another world.  Now would Elon Musk pay to rescue Matt Damon, I think not.

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