In The Face of Fear, Freedom Never Flinches #notafraid

Once again the fear of freedom has lead to an attack on innocent lives.  As many of you already know 12 lives were lost after 3 pathetic waste of lives attacked the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris.  These terrorist attack us because they fear what we have, and that’s freedom.  What they don’t know is they are awakening a “sleeping dragon”.  France is not alone.  Yea we can all crack jokes about them but when shit hits the fan they are one of our closest allies.  ISIS…Al-Qaeda…Taliban, I don’t give a fuck who you are, you are all cowards who can’t stand the fact that freedom will never die, only your sadistic views.  Below is a video produced by the Frances Navy set to AC/DC’s hit song Thundestruck.  Interesting fact – US and Navy planes can land on each others aircraft carries since the launching and catching system are exactly the same.

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