Finally We Arrive At Pluto @NASANewHorizons

About 10 years ago, a space craft was launched to discover the other worlds in our solar system.  The time has come for the space craft to arrive at Pluto.  Yes Pluto is a planet I don’t care what anyone says LOL.  The craft named New Horizons is set to arrive on July 14 of this year.  This is a great feat for all of human kind.  We will finally be able to see hi-resolution photos of this great world and its moons.  The data we receive will be beyond beneficial for science and space research.  We live in this ever expanding universe yet we have barely just begun our journey into the cosmos.  I hope you enjoy this video and are tuned in on July 14 for this great event.  As the once great Buzz Lightyear once said “To Infinity and Beyond.”

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