Flashback To The 90’s – The Simpsons on Cassette #oldschool

I was reminiscing the other day when I remember of a cassette my older brother had.  We were driving up to I think it was the Bear Mountain area, yes they have bears, and if I’m not mistaken my father was driving the Ford Windstar.  You know its the 90’s when it’s a Windstar.  As we were driving my older brother decided to try and spit his gum outside the car windows, and instead of it going out in landed right in my hair.  The only good part about this was that there was a cassette in the radio that is by far my favorite mix tape of all time.  It was The Simpsons Sing The Blues.  I may have been in a really sticky situation but the ride home was calm hearing this absolutely awesome mix.  My favorite is Look At All Those Idiots with Mr. Burns and Smithers.  Now being an adult I can relate to this song so much more.  Anyway enjoy the whole cassette completely digitized……oooooo technology.

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