“The Interview” Talk With @madmandjrk

I watched “The Interview” Staring Seth Rogan & James Franco Or James Flacco As President Barack Obama Stated By Mistake. Anyways I Watched The Movie And From My Point Of View I Felt As The Fued Over Airing The Movie In Theaters Was A Little Uncalled For. The Movie Was Good And Very Entertaining, However It Was Not The Best Movie These Two Amazing Actors Have Put Out. The Plot Of The Movie Was A News Reporter And Station Manager Was Choosing To Kill The President Of North Korea “Kim Jong Un”. North Korea Officials Has Threatening The United States If The Movie Was Released. In My Opinion This Movie Was Good And Fun To Watch But Not Worth War Over. This Movie Was Seriously Basically A Parody In My View With All The Tension Of War Going On All Around The World, I Believe This Movie Was Just To Joke And Kidd Around. I Do Understand How North Korea Officials And President Kim Jong Un Could Be Offended By The Film, But Come On Its Just Entertainment And I Am More Than Sure That Most Of The Viewers Would Say This Whole Deal Has Been Blown Way Out Of Proportion. The Interview Is Now Available For Rent & Purchase On Youtube & Google Play & Being Played In Select Theaters In The United States. Check It Out And Let Me Know What You Think.

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